Raw Food Cleanse | 5 Day Program

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You’ll receive: 
Breakfast x 5
Lunch x 5
Snacks x 10
Dinner x 5

Pick-Up Food Sunday for M/T meals
Pick-Up again Tuesday for W/T/F meals

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Raw Food Cleanse | 5 Day Program

Fresh Flavour. Bold Results!

Monthly, we offer you a chance to jump into our signature detox/cleanse program for a gentle ‘RawBoot’
Our Raw Food Cleanse serves you the freshest, cleanest food to kick-start your body’s own innate healing into high gear to see and feel rapid results in as little as a few days (seriously!).

Clients Receive:
– Fully Raw Food Menu Each Day
– Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks x 2
– detox/herbal teas/beverages to support the cleanse
– Access to Holistic Nutritionist during the week

Here are some of the results you can expect within the 5 days…(how do we know?  because these are REAL results reported from our clients who have already participated)!
– Improved Energy
– Reduced Bloating
– Increased bowel regularity
– Better sleep
– Shed weight
– Less brain fog

Designed and led by Holistic Nutritionist and Plant-Based/Raw/Vegan Chef, Jessica Valiant.  Jessica has been facilitating Raw Food Cleanses for more than 10 years within the Barrie, ON community.

1 review for Raw Food Cleanse | 5 Day Program

  1. Miriam

    What a difference one week makes! In fact, my body reacts positively within just 2-3 days of eating these highly nutritious, delicious meals. I feel happier, stronger, the gloominess I often suffer lifts and my digestive system doesn’t moan and ache. I even had some of my patches of eczema clear up! But the best effect for me is that the cleanse puts me back on track to eating well afterwards too; it’s the kick I need to continue making good food choices, particularly after falling off the healthy eating wagon, like during the holidays or too many over-indulgent weekends!

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