Clean Eating Transformation Subscription

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5 Meals per Week
4 Week Commitment
Consecutive Weeks
Ready-To-Eat Meals
No cooking required.
Freshly prepared

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4-Week Clean Eating Transformation

Change your health with this 4-week transformation.  Make the step to go all-in with our Clean Eating Transformation Package.  Renew your soul, ignite your motivation and transform your body with this whole-foods, natural approach.

This is a 4-week commitment to a new you!  You will receive 5 CLEAN EATS meals per week for four weeks that you enjoy to supplement your healthy diet change.  Each meal is designed to fit your lifestyle and can be eaten for lunch or dinner.

Delivery is not included in the price but available for a nominal fee.  Please inquire.  

Why Choose CLEAN EATS?
Trusted Professional – all your meals are made by Jessica, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist & Plant-Based Chef
Nutrient-Rich – we source the freshest, ripest and most nutritious foods like superfoods and micro-greens
Free of Fillers – No fake stuff here!  We’re committed to serving you the most pure food without all the gunk
Flavour Bomb – what’s the point in eating healthy if you’re choking it down?  Your tastebuds are in for a treat!

Who Would Benefit From This Program? 
Men or women who feel burnt-out, drained and are making poor diet choices…
Feel like you just don’t have the time to cook you + family a healthy meal..
Feel like you know you should be feeling better but are stuck..
Feel like you don’t know where to start

Level up your wellness and make the commitment to start today!  You’ll begin Monday for four weeks.  Let’s go!


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