30-Day Naturally Valiant Kick-Starter Plan

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DIY Program at home
Start/Stop anytime
50+ Recipes
Anti-inflammatory meals


The Naturally Valiant 30-Day Kick-Start to Losing pounds, Feeling Radiant and Living Your Best Life.

If you think Plant-Based means you have to eat tofu and rubbery cheese think again because this is a culinary-inspired, holistic Nutritionist-Chef created, Plant-Based challenge that even the most furious carnivores love!!

Here Is Why You’ll Love This Program:

Deprivation-Free (Eat 6 times a day!)

Mouth-Watering Meals (chef-inspired, ridiculous flavour!)

Time-Saving (organized shopping list prevents wasted grocery trips)

Fast-Results (within 7 days see and feel noticeable changes) 
Fun  (clients report their new adventure in the kitchen as exciting!) 

Here is Everything You’re Getting:
30 days of delicious breakfasts like…Z’oats, banana pancakes
30 days of scrumptious lunch meals like…sweet potato toasty, Chimichurri bowl
30 days of indulgent dinners like…Portobello steaks, alfredo pasta
Simple-to-follow weekly meal plans

Organized shopping plans weekly
+ fully Plant-Based recipes you’ll have for life!

You’ll be enjoying delicious and indulgent foods shown to support energy increase, ease aches and joint pains, balance hormones, release extra weight and get glowing skin!

2 reviews for 30-Day Naturally Valiant Kick-Starter Plan

  1. Donna G.

    This program opened up a new adventure in eating for me. It showed me a new appreciation in eating Vegan.
    I thoroughly enjoyed the recipes and could not believe how tasty some of these were. I was never hungry and actually lost a pound a week. If you are interested in breaking away from eating dairy meat and fish and want a healthy introduction into eating Vegan I highly recommend this program.

  2. Carrie

    Loved this program. It was easy to follow, with the helpful shopping list and great time saving tips and tricks. Above all – the food was great tasting and kept me satisfied and I could feel myself healing from the inside. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to see their food become medicine.

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